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Lemezbörze,…plusz Record Fairs in Hungary

18. 04. 2004. - Growing up on vinyl
"Never before has such a large-scale project been realized in the Hungarian music industry, as the release of “Growing up on Vinyl” on CD (and of course, also on vinyl LP with serial numbers limited to 300 only)."

08. 05. 2006. - The Sixties ´46
"Many Hungarian musicians and singers are celebrating a round anniversary in 2006. Based ont he idea of Lemezbörze,…plusz chief editor Mátyás Csabai..."

15. 04. 2007. - L+ 100
"Almost the entire music scene was invited to the 36th International MegaFair (MegaBörze) to celebrate the 100th edition of L+..."

11. 12. 2007. - The Sixties ´47
"Members of the Sixties´47 are: Gyula "sixties" Bardóczi (Old Boys, Neoton Familia), radio presenters László "sixties" B. Tóth and Tibor "sixties" Dévényi, Charlie "sixties" Horváth..."

16. 03. 2008. - Komjáthy-75
"The legendary presenter celebrated his 75th birthday in 2008. The host of popular shows such as “Csak fiataloknak” (Young people only), “Töltsön egy órát kedvenceivel” (Spend an hour with your favourites), “Rock ´n´ Rolltól a funkyig” (From Rock ´n´ Roll to Funky)..."

22. 06. 2008. - The Sixties ´48
"´The way the world is round (for us) - the last 60 years´ , has become the anthem for artists turning 60. Continuing the tradition, Lemezbörze,...plusz organized the performance for ´48-ers, also..."

10. 02. 2009. - 15 years old Lemezbörze,…plusz / Puskás in the Stampmuseum
"Yes, Puskás “Öcsi bácsi” was with us, thanks to the Hungarian Post Office and Lemezbörze,...plusz. With us on a commemorative stamp block published in honour of the legendary football player..."

24. 05. 2009. - The Sexy Sixties ´49s
"The tradition continues! Thanks to Lemezbörze,...plusz, 60 year old musicians sang once again in 2009..."

29. 08. 2009. - Michael Jackson in the Stampmuseum
"The commemorative block “In Memoriam, Michael Joseph Jackson” was published on Jacko´s 51st birthday anniversary..."

26. 09. 2010. - 50th International MegaFair
"The 50th International MegaFair, one of the most prestigious events in the musical circles of Hungary will be held at Petőfi Csarnok in Budapest on 26th September 2010 where all Hungarian musicians are invited regardless of sex, age and style they represent."

12. 06. 2011. - The Sixties ´51

"There was one thing common in the musicians representing various styles of music: all of them are turning 60 this year. Age did not show on any of them, they were happy and cool when singing the song of István Alapi of Edda with the lyrics from Attila Pataki and with the „vocal” support from László Gazember Waszlavik at the middle section..."

18. 11. 2012. - The Sixties ´ 52 / The Sixties ´46/66 / L+ 125

"Lemezbörze,...plusz magazine keeps on writing the historybook of music after publishing the 125th printed issue..."

24. 11. 2013. - The Sixties ´53

"THE SIXTIES band was first formed eight years ago when some of the musicians and singers who had just turned 60 got together to sing the wonderful song of Leslie Szabó called „This Makes The Wide World Round (for us) – The Last 60 Years”...."

30. 11. 2014. - The Sixties ´54 It was party time indeed

"It was on the morning of 30 November 2014, at Petőfi Hall. After an L+20 welcome mix performed by the renowned Universum Joe, cheerleaders entered the stage to introduce some party mood..."

25. 10. 2015. - The 71st (Bonus) International MegaBörze – the last one held in Petőfi Hall with The Sixties of ’55

"We started the party bidding farewell to Petőfi Hall, the home of Record Börze for decades appropriately, with the hit song „Börze, Börze, Megabörze” by the selected L+ star team..."

20. 09. 2020. - 25th anniversary of Lemezbörze,…plusz / 100th International Record and CD Fair

"We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Lemezbörze,…plusz and the 100th International Record and CD Fair was also organized in the Óbuda Cultural Centre same place same time..."