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The slogan of the 50th Jubilee International MegaFair: 50, 60 (64), 70

The 50th International MegaFair, one of the most prestigious events in the musical circles of Hungary will be held at Petőfi Csarnok in Budapest on 26th September 2010 where all Hungarian musicians are invited regardless of sex, age and style they represent. International Record and CD Fairs have been organized since 1996, however, with growing interest in other music related collectibles (e.g.: phone cards, stamps, books, etc.) the term MegaFair was coined. Being able to organize the 50th event warrants international acclaim in itself and the organizers together with renowned artists are preparing a show to celebrate the Jubilee to be hosted by László B. Tóth.

Performing first are The Sixties of ’50 – artists born in 1950, now 60 – István efZámbó, Dániel Gryllus, András Kisfaludy, Antal Gábor Szűcs and Mátyás Várkonyi. The title of their song: “50, you are 60!”. They will be followed by the legendary first The Sixties formation, those born in 1946, who are now aged 64 – Tamás Berki, János Bródy, Mátyás Csabai, Feró Nagy, László Szidor. Béla Tolcsvay and István Varannai will be performing the Beatles evergreen “When I’m 64” with Hungarian lyrics from Mátyás Várkonyi.

Since 2003, the Börze Award has been presented to singers, bands and media personalities who made significant contribution towards exploring national or international musical and other cultural values and efforts to protect and preserve them for the present and future generations. In 2010 the Börze Award goes to Sándor Benkó on the occasion of his 70th birthday to honor his lifetime achievement in the world of music. The award will be presented by Mátyás Csabai, owner and editor-in-chief of Lemezbörze,…plusz.

Like all prestigious events, the 50th International MegaFair also has an official song. Composed by Szilveszter Jenei and Gábor Kolbe, “Börze, Börze, Lemezbörze” will be performed by Kormorán Memory Band with Erzsi Szántó and Emese Torma together with all celebrities who grace us with their presence.

The Hungarian Post Office will be operating a branch in Petőfi Csarnok using occasional and PR rubber-stamps.

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