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It is of great importance to A MEMORY® International Kft./ Lemezbörze,…plusz that the personal data of the visitors of its webpage enjoy adequate protection. On this page you may receive full-fledged information on the legal basis of the use of personal data by our company with regard to its activities and on what rights the visitors of our webpage during visiting our homepage. .
During its activities, our company acts in compliance with relevant EU decrees and the national regulations set by EU member states with regard to data protection. (Decree No. 2016/79 of the European Parliament and the European Council – hereafter referred to as Decree GDPR and Act No. CXII/2011.) Should relevant legal regulations and the practice of data management pursued by the company change, such changes will be published on our webpage within 15 days after the amendment has entered into force.


Company name: MEMORY® International Kft./ Lemezbörze,…plusz
Residence: 1037 Budapest, Laborc u. 44.
Mailing address: 1300 Budapest, Pf. 129.
Tax registration number: 10467914-2-41
Company registration number: 01-09-072756
Phone: +36 1 430 0990, Fax: +36 1 430 0991


Our company is managing the data of visitors of our homepage and data related to their purchasing activities in accordance with the respective legal regulations..
The legal basis of data management contains the obligations to issue a bill in accordance with paragraph (1) of § 159 o Act No. CXXII/2007 on general sales taxes, which should be preserved for eight years in accordance with paragraph (2) of § 169 of Act. No. C/2000 on accounting procedures (this is automatically the deadline set for the deletion), as well as data management according to section c) of paragraph (1) of Article 6. of the decree mentioned above..
Categories of personal data: name, address e-mail, phone number
Voluntary consent of the person concerned: voluntary registration by the person concerned.

Addressees: those with access to data: employees and accountant charged with publication management of the company.
Way of withdrawing consent: request for deletion sent by-mail to


The number of visitors and their behaviour will be measured with a view to assessing the efficiency of advertisements and for statistical purposes through the use of web-analytical service providers (Google Analytics / Google Remarketing /Facebook Remarketing / Adwords conversion pursuit). Management of personal data handled by the above-mentioned service providers are in accordance with existing legal regulations.


Our company is taking every reasonable measure with a view to prevent the unauthorised access to personal data and their use. as well as its unauthorised use. The company ensures the protection of data it handles in accordance with regulations contained in the general data protection decree, The data manager is implementing appropriate technical and organisational managers that take the current state of technology and science into account, with a view to ensuring an appropriate level of data protection, as well as its restoration in case of eventual failures.


According to the Decree, visitors of the webpage are entitled to the following rights during the period of data management:
- the right to withdrawal of the consent: a visitor of the webpage is entitled at any time withdraw its consent to managing its data, in which case the data provided will be deleted by the system. A request for deletion should be sent to The request will be considered within 15 days, with respective notification to be sent to the e-mail address provided. In the case of non-compliance with an order, a withdrawal may imply the transportation to be cancelled. If the purchase has already taken place, data related to accounting may not be deleted from the system.
- access to personal data and to information related to data management
- right to correction
- restrictive data management,
- right to deletion
- right to protest
- right to mobility


Complaints with regard to data management will be replied by the data manager within fifteen days at the very latest.
If a visitor of the webpage is of the view that the data manager has violated the legal regulations regarding data management, or has failed to respond any of his requests, he or she may request an investigation by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information with a view to terminating the illegal data management (Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., e-mail:, or may request a civil lawsuit in order to ensure that his or her rights vis-á-vis the data manager prevail

Budapest, 25 May 2018.
MEMORY® International Kft./ Lemezbörze,…plusz