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Sale list

We specialise in Hungarian, East European and Indian rare singles and LPs, CDs and Memorablias.
Quality: The quality of the records is very good, in fact they fall between VG and MINT categories and the prices are to be understood for the records, CDs, etc. In our possession. We will clearly mark those items where the quality is less than VG.

We keep updating the list of the sound-recordings.

Want lists are welcome!

Download the full list (Adobe PDF format)


DC: Different Cover, PS: Picture Sleeve, RS: Record Label Sleeve, US: Uni Sleeve

CD: Compact Disc, EP: EP Single, LP: Longplay, MC: Casette, MCD: Maxi CD, MSP: Maxi Single, SP: Single

BULGÁRIA: Balkanton
(Ex) CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Globus, Opus, Supraphon,
(Ex) EAST GERMANY: Amiga, Eterna
HUNGARY: Bravo, Gong, Gramy, MMC, Pepita, Profil, Qualiton, Ring
POLAND: Muza, Polar, Pronit, Tonpress
ROMÁNIA: Electrocord
(Ex) UdSSR: Anfon, Melodija, Ritonis
(Ex) YUGOSLAVIA: Beograd Disk, Helidon, Jugodisk, Jugoton, RTB, Suzy, Topsound, Zupa

1. Records of international stars, issued in ex-socialist countries
2. Records of local, East European stars, issued in ex-socialist countries
3. Cover versions, issued in ex-socialist countries
4. Records of international stars, issued in India
5. Festival records

  • 5.1 issued in ex-socialist countries
  • 5.2 from all over the world

6. Sport records

  • 6.1 issued in ex-socialist countries
  • 6.2 from all over the world

7. Mega-rare records from all over the world
8. Promos from all over the world
9. Autographs of the artists
10. Memorablias from ex-socialist countries

  • 10.1 Magazines “Lemezbörze,...plusz” Number 1. Magazin for the east records collectors
  • from all over the world
  • 10.2 Posters
  • 10.3 Concert tickets
  • 10.4 Stamps
  • 10.5 Phonecards
  • 10.6 Photos from Stars

Want list

We are interested in:

  • Want list No. 1. Recordings listed below, on the indicated media
  • Releases by Hungarian artists and bands, as well as cover versions of Hungarian songs, published abroad
  • Albums, or album covers released in the former Soviet Union by Hungarian artists (with Cyrillic writing)
  • Released related to President Vladimir Putin

Please send your quotes (indicating quality and price) to: