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L+20 / The Sixties ’54 – It was party time indeed!

2014. 11. 30.

It was on the morning of 30 November 2014, at Petőfi Hall. After an L+20 welcome mix performed by the renowned Universum Joe, cheerleaders entered the stage to introduce some party mood. They were followed by László B. Tóth who gave a welcoming speech to the business partners of the celebrating magazine, as well as to the sponsors of the event (BB champagne, Horváth Candy Shop, Jáner Meat, Radeberger Beer, VTCD) and the participants of the 67th International Mega Record Stock Exchange (MegaBörze).
The legendary show master presented and commented on the video clips recalling the most important events of the first 20 years of „ Lemezbörze,…plusz”, and then opened a bottle of champagne of the members of The Sixties ’54 (István Éles, Tamás Geröly, András Márton, Zoltán Pálmai). Participants were also witnesses to an event of historic importance from the philatelist point of view: an anniversary stamp series called „Gyűjtésért...” (For collecting) was jointly issued by the Hungarian Post Office, the National Association of Hungarian Stamps Collectors, the Philatelia Hungarica and Lemezbörze,…plusz, displaying the photographs of twenty stars. The publishers were represented at senior level. A mobile post office was set up at the event, using commemorative seals. The anniversary cake was brought in by Alexi (7) and Elina (3) representing the young generation of future collectors to the sound of the eLplustwenty formation, which included MDC’s Miklós Bátori, the ByTheWay Band, Ákos Csordás, Anna Patai, Lili Péterffy and Róbert Szikora.