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Growing up on Vinyl” (CD, LP)

Never before has such a large-scale project been realized in the Hungarian music industry, as the release of “Growing up on Vinyl” on CD (and of course, also on vinyl LP with serial numbers limited to 300 only). The official anthem of the popular „Lemezbörze,…plusz” was composed, and originally performed by Róbert Szikora with lyrics – unless otherwise stated – written by István S. Nagy and Mátyás Csabai to mark the 75th issue of the magazine and the 25th Anniversary, International Record- and CD fair.

This however, was only the beginning…


The poetic lines inspired actor József Székhelyi, to recite the poem. This was followed by a chain of Hungarian stars performing the song in their own personal musical styles. “Vinyl-mania” began to spread. Masterpieces were born, performed by the most esteemed musicians. Lajos D. Nagy performs the song in an undeniable Bikini style, as does Dupla KáVé, adding their own distinct approach. Four Fathers sing it acapella. The heavy metal voice of Józsi Kalapács, Laci Komár’s rock’n’roll, Ladánybene 27’s reggae mix and the special blues version of the Takáts Tamás Dirty Blues Band are real treats. Ferenc Szigeti (Karthago) plays the Spanish guitar in the orchestral version, Zoltán Mága plays his violin for us and László Benkő from Omega presents us with a synthesizer version of the melody and the Panpipe composition of János Kegye is a true gem. Even Clayderman would cheer László Berthóty playing the piano. TransforMusic reflects the imagination of Laszló Király. Not to mention the musical greetings of world famous jazz musician Aladár Pege, the 50’s style rockabilly version from the Mystery Gang or disco approach from trendy clubbers Náksi vs. Brunner. Éva Csepregi, Kati Kovács, Zsuzsi Mary and Judith Szűcs have never during their careers sung together until now, while Éva Fábián makes the L+ popular with her song among the representatives of the youngest generation. The country version is hallmarked by Zoltán Pomázi and Bojtorján, while the folk version by Szilveszter Jenei (ex-Kormorán) and József Margit. It is only natural that the vinyl-twist was orchestrated by Dolly and Zoli Kékes. Attila Pataky and Zsolt Gömöry (Edda) also congratulated us in song. Another treat is the “Happy Birthday Mix” where the chorus is played by the legendary harmonica king, Mihály Tabányi. Judy from Groovehouse sings with Lala from Kozmix, whilst Charlie Horváth is accompanied on guitar by his son Ákos, from Nightfly. Once a drummer in Universal and the Color, Tamás Király is backed by one of the most influential starlets of today, his daughter Linda. János Bródy conveys his congratulations to Lemezbörze,…plusz with his own composition “Boldog születésnap” (Happy Birthday), only performed until now by Judit Halász. The list continues with foreign versions of the song, with greetings from Bruce Lewis in English and Erox in Italian, Bálint also took his own share from the celebration with a recording in Spanish. Modeled on “We Are The World”, the “Lemezbörze,…plusz” All Stars sing “We Are „Lemezbörze,…plusz”. This name actually means the majority of artists mentioned above.

Nothing could be more obvious than a Christmas inspired album made from some of these songs.

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