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The Sixties ’46

may 8th, 2006

60 years old musicians with their 60 years old friends

Many Hungarian musicians and singers are celebrating a round anniversary in 2006. Based ont he idea of Lemezbörze,…plusz chief editor Mátyás Csabai – also born in ’46 - Tamás Berki, János Bródy, Feró Nagy, Béla Tolcsvay, László Szidor (Gemini, Dogs, Old Boys), István Varannai (Echo) and himself went into the studio to record a song commemorating the past sixty years. The formation, aptly named The Sixties, recorded „(Nekünk) Így kerek a világ – az elmúlt 60év” („How the world is round to us – the past 60 years”), which will be followed by a video, which promises to be a real musical treat. The track was written and composed by Leslie Szabó, whilst László Cseke – once a presenter of Radio Free Europe (as Géza Ekecs) – and legendary radio personality György Komjáthy greeted those being celebrated. The appropriately sized 46x60 cake was handed over by Szilvi Péter Szabó (Nox) and Gabi Völgyesi (Unique), representing today’s musical generation.


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