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THE SIXTIES OF ’51: „We love you”

2011. jun. 15.


There was one thing common in the musicians representing various styles of music: all of them are turning 60 this year. Age did not show on any of them, they were happy and cool when singing the song of István Alapi of Edda with the lyrics from Attila Pataki and with the „vocal” support from László Gazember Waszlavik at the middle section.
The ad-hoc formation also included Fecó Balázs rock star, James Karácsony of LGT, Gyula Papp the rocker, Péter Móczán representing the progressive style, the folk musician Balázs Radványi and Lajos Turi the pop singer. The event was hosted by Tibor Dévényi otherwise known as Uncle Tibi who recently conjured up a genuine Hungarian retro and nuptial mood on the evening of the royal wedding in London. Lemezbörze,…plusz Magazine celebrated the Sixties with a 60-slice cake served by model Zita Debreczeni and singer Adri Nagy. Waszlavik improvised an accordion salute when the cake was cut up.
The Hungarian Post Office used a special festive stamp and simultaneously with the first performance the song “We love you” was released also on a CD. Fecó, James, Péter, Gyula, Attila, Balázs, Lui and Gazember – we love you, too!

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