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15 years old Lemezbörze,…plusz  /  Puskás in the Stampmuseum

February 10th, 2009

Yes, Puskás “Öcsi bácsi” was with us, thanks to the Hungarian Post Office and Lemezbörze,...plusz. With us on a commemorative stamp block published in honour of the legendary football player. The first copies (numbered 000) were ceremoniously placed into their final resting place in this philatelic sanctuary on February 10th, 2009. Others present were Jenő Buzánszky and Gyula Grosics from the Mighty Magyars, and sport journalist György Szepesi. “Nótás kedvű volt az Apám ...” (My father had a zest for song...) he confessed, and sang. It is no coincidence that this relic was published based on an idea from Lemezbörze,...plusz and a partnership with the Hungarian Post Office. Now, in 2009, the slogan “Puskás at the Stamp Museum” was overprinted on a small number of commemorative blocks, and uniquely impressed, offering collectors something really special. A small exhibition entitled “Puskás at the Stamp Museum” was also unveiled, on the 15th anniversary of Lemezbörze,...plusz. Not only did Puskás sing, but he was also remembered by others; Cipő from Republic. The title of the song was: “A nevem csak annyi volt: Öcsi” (My name was simply: Öcsi).

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