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L+ 100

2007th April 15

Almost the entire music scene was invited to the 36th International MegaFair (MegaBörze) to celebrate the 100th edition of L+. Over a hundred artists participated in this major event, many of whom performed congratulatory songs. The official song of the event “Nothing has passed” (Nem múlt semmi el) was sung by Robi Szikora, Baby Gabi, Ákos Dobrády, Rudi Krisz and Iza Széles. This unique band called themselves R-GO,...plusz. KGB, as well as Ganxsta Zolee and his gang was there. Performers from the movie “S.O.S. szerelem”; Márk, Magna Cum Laude and Twins also performed songs. Naturally, Dolly Roll wrote a twist, whilst the world of dance was bought to us by popular DJ duo Náksi vs. Brunner and Universum Joe. The Kormorán Memory Band represented folk music. The real surprise however was a joint venture undertaken by performers from Producers Ltd. publishing; Attila, the Black & White Dance Band, Magdi Bódy, Cairo, Judit Désfalvy, Gyula "Szaxi Maxi" Fekete, Fredo, Erzsi Kovács, Gábor Maros, Zsuzsi Mary, Kati Rácz, Terry Black and Sarolta Zalatnay. László B. Tóth and Tibor Dévényi were the hosts on the PeCsa main stage. The Hungarian Post Office used a dedicated stamp at the event held in Petőfi Csarnok on April 15th.

L+ 100 VIp Party videos

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