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The Sixties ´53

2013. 11. 24.

THE SIXTIES band was first formed eight years ago when some of the musicians and singers who had just turned 60 got together to sing the wonderful song of Leslie Szabó called „This Makes The Wide World Round (for us) – The Last 60 Years”. Now the year 2013 has brought together Attila Csurgay (Juventus), László Fischer (Korál), Zoltán Kiss Zero (Karthago), András Szalay (Panta Rhei) and Robert Szikora (R-GO) as THE SIXTIES ’53 formation to show that after the last 60 years this wide world is round for them, too. The celebrated musicians were congratulated by two popular vocalists Baby Gabi and Henna who presented them the birthday cake. The song was first performed at the 63rd International MegaBörze in Petőfi Hall on 24th November 2013. The Hungarian Post placed a post office on duty at the site using an occasional rubber stamp connected to the subject of the event.