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The Sixties ´48

June 22nd, 2008

´The way the world is round (for us) - the last 60 years´ , has become the anthem for artists turning 60. Continuing the tradition, Lemezbörze,...plusz organized the performance for ´48-ers, also. In 2008, the 60-year-old choir was: Ferenc Debreczeni (Omega), József Dinnyés and Attila Környei (Fermi, R-GO), Mihály Móricz (Fonográf), István Torontáli (100 Folk Celsius) Ádám Török (Mini) and Gyula Vikidál. Jackie Orszáczky was the posthumous member of the team; he wrote from Australia and was eager to participate - as he was due to perform at MÜPA on April 4th - but sadly passed away. The Sixties ´48 were greeted with a cake by Heni Dér (Sugarloaf) and Orsi Kozma. The song The Sixties ´48 was presented to visitors and the press at the 41st International MegaFair (MegaBörze) in Petőfi Csarnok.

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