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How to buy at Lemezbörze,...plusz webshop Terms and Conditions


- Please insert the chosen product(s) in the cart.
Please choose the delivery required. 
- Claim any discounts you are entitled to and name on what grounds. Should the claim prove unfounded during the processing, the amount with no discount will be invoiced. Goods will be dispatched upon the receipt of full payment.


Before paying for the product please wait for the order confirmation to make sure that the chosen item is in stock.

You can choose from the following methods:

- By Bank Transfer: please transfer the full amount shown on the Confirmation of Order to the Bank Account of the Supplier. Bank charges, if any, are to be borne by the Customer. Goods will be dispatched within 3 working days from the receipt of the funds.
- By PayPal: according to PayPal regulations. When using PayPal, an additional 4% handling charge has to be added


- Please supply details necessary for invoicing:
  Name / Address / Phone number
The invoice will be attached to the goods or in case of e-invoicing will be sent by e- 

Data Protection

The Customers’ details will be used exclusively to process the order and dispatch the goods.


The right of Cancellation is regulated by the Government Decree No. XVII/1999 (II/5) relating to internet dealings. The Customer has the right to cancel the order within 8 days counted from the receipt of the goods without explanation. The date of receipt is verified by the Post Office rubber stamp. The Customer cannot exercise his/her right to cancel if the goods arrive damaged and he/she cannot verify this by a minutes drawn upon the receipt of the goods, but then the Supplier is entitled to demand the counter value of the goods. In case of rightful cancellation the Supplier is liable for refunding the full purchase price to the Customer with the exception of postage charges within 30 days. The request for cancellation has to be indicated by e-mail or a telephone call.