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The International MegaFair (MegaBörze) in Hungary

The International MegaFair (MegaBörze) in Budapest (formerly the International Record and CD Mart) has many traditions. The meeting is joined by visitors and sellers not only from the various parts of Hungary, but from almost every country around the world. From the former Eastern-block countries, only in Hungary will you see such an event, the attendance of which rivals any major European event (Austrian, German, English, American, Japanese, etc.). The participants offer records, CD´s, phone cards and stamps for sale on over 100 (!) tables and booths. On each occasion, a popular domestic artist is present to sign autographs. Dates for International MegaFair (MegaBörze) in Hungary can be found in international collector´s calendars. 


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International MegaFairs (MegaBörzék)

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I. International Record and CD Fair 08.12.1996   Hungarian Allstars  
II. International Record and CD Fair 06.04.1997   Miklós, Fenyő  
III. International Record and CD Fair 14.09.1997   Károly, Frenreisz  
IV. International Record and CD Fair 30.11.1997   Miklós, Varga  
V. International Record and CD Fair 26.04.1998   János, Koós  
VI. International Record and CD Fair 27.09.1998   Gábor,Presser  
VII. Nemzetközi Lemez- és CD Börze 29.11.1998   Judith, Szűcs  
VIII. International Record and CD Fair 14.03.1999   Ős-Bikini  
IX. International Record and CD Fair 05.09.1999   János, Bródy Relevant souvenirs
X. International Record and CD Fair 05.12.1999   Zorán  
XI. International Record and CD Fair 02.04.2000   Attila, Pataky Relevant souvenirs
XII. International Record and CD Fair 10.09.2000   Lehel, Németh  
XIII. International Record and CD Fair 10.12.2000   Klári, Katona  
XIV. International Record and CD Fair 08.04.2001   László, Tolcsvay  
XV. International Record and CD Fair 09.09.2001   Tamás, Cseh  
XVI. International Record and CD Fair 09.12.2001   Illés /Metro /Omega Relevant souvenirs
XVII. International Record and CD Fair 28.04.2002   Express  
XVIII. International Record and CD Fair 22.09.2002   Piramis Relevant souvenirs
XIX. International Record and CD Fair 01.12.2002   Karthago Relevant souvenirs
XX. International Record and CD Fair 02.03.2003   Exotic/Dusán  
XXI. International Record and CD Fair 18.05.2003   East  
XXII. International Record and CD Fair 14.09.2003   Sarolta, Zalatnay Relevant souvenirs
XXIII. International Record and CD Fair 30.11.2003   Scampolo – Tribute To Judy  
XXIV. International Record and CD Fair 01.02.2004   Dolly Roll Relevant souvenirs
XXV. International Record and CD Fair 18.04.2004   „Bakeliten nevelkedtünk” L+ Allstars

Relevant souvenirs

XXVI. International Record and CD Fair 05.09.2004   Kyri, Ambrus  / Klementina, Magay  
XXVII. International Record and CD Fair 12.12.2004   Neoton / Neotons  
XXVIII. International Record and CD Fair 27.02.2005   Pokolgép  
XXIX. International Record and CD Fair 24.04.2005   Edina Pop aka Marika, Késmárky  
XXX. International Record and CD Fair 09.10.2005   László, Aradszky  
XXXI. International MegaFair 11.12.2005    Aladár, Pege/ LB 27 Relevant souvenirs
XXXII. International MegaFair 12.03.2006   The Sixties ’46

Relevant souvenirs

XXXIII. International MegaFair 18.06.2006   AE Bizottság


XXXIV. International MegaFair 03.09.2006   International Elvis Day Relevant souvenirs
XXXV. International MegaFair 10.12.2006   KFT Relevant souvenirs
XXXVI. International MegaFair 15.04.2007   L+100 Allstars Relevant souvenirs
XXXVII. International MegaFair 01.07.2007     Relevant souvenirs
XXXVIII. International MegaFair 23.09.2007   International Elvis Day Relevant souvenirs
XXXIX. International MegaFair 25.11.2007    Sándor, Benkó Relevant souvenirs
40. International MegaFair 16.03.2008   György, Komjáthy  – 75 Relevant souvenirs
41. International MegaFair 22.06.2008   The Sixties’48 Relevant souvenirs
42. International MegaFair 07.09.2008   Lilla, Vincze  / International Elvis Day Relevant souvenirs
43. International MegaFair 23.11.2008   Viki & The Flört Relevant souvenirs
44. International MegaFair 01.03.2009   Fecó, Balázs  / Anita Relevant souvenirs
45. International MegaFair 24.05.2009   The Sexy Sixties ’49 Relevant souvenirs
46. International MegaFair 30.08.2009   „In Memoriam Michael Jackson” Relevant souvenirs
47. International MegaFair 29.11.2009   Béla,Bakacsi, Attila, Dobos ,Gabi,Fenyvesi  Attila, Horváth, Vilmos, Horváth,
József, Németh, Tamara,  Tárkányi, Viktória, Vincze / International Elvis Day
Relevant souvenirs
48. International MegaFair 28.02.2010   M7/ Bea, Karda Relevant souvenirs
49. International MegaFair 13.06.2010   In Memoriam Béla, Radics Relevant souvenirs
50. International MegaFair 26.09.2010   The Sixties ´50/ The Sixties ´46/´64 / Börze Award 2010 Relevant souvenirs
51. International MegaFair 21.11.2010   Zsuzsa, Koncz Relevant souvenirs
52. International MegaFair 30.01.2011    Marcellina Relevant souvenirs
53. International MegaFair 12.06.2011    The Sixties ´51 Relevant souvenirs
54. International MegaFair 09.10.2011    - Relevant souvenirs
55. International MegaFair 11.12.2011    - Relevant souvenirs
56. International MegaFair 22.01.2012   Fecó, Balázs - Börze Award 2011 Relevant souvenirs
57. International MegaFair 27.05.2012    Zé-Gé Relevant souvenirs
58. International MegaFair 16.09.2012   László, Aradszky Relevant souvenirs
59. International MegaFair 18.11.2012   The Sixties ´51 / The Sixties ´46/ 66  Relevant souvenirs 
60. International MegaFair  03.03.2013   Gjon, Delhusa Relevant souvenirs
 61. International MegaFair  12.05.2013   Marika Ajtai, Erzsi Deák, Krisztina Gábor, Magdolna Maróti, Zsuzsa Mezei, Gabi Monyók, Péter Pálfi, Zsuzsa  Pálffy  Relevant souvenirs 
 62. International MegaFair   29.09.2013    Gemini Relevant souvenirs 
 63. International MegaFair   24.11.2013    The Sixties ´53   
 64. International MegaFair  16.03.2014     István Bergendy, Péter Bergendy   
 65. International MegaFair  25.05.2014     József Meződi & Apostol   
 66. International MegaFair  05.10.2014     Lajos Som   
 67. International MegaFair  30.11.2014      L+20 / The Sixties ´54   
 68. Nemzetközi
01.03.2015    Bojtorján   
 69. International MegaFair  31.05.2015    Universal   
 70. International MegaFair   27.09.2015    Kaláka  
 71. International MegaFair   2015.  PeCsa    
72. Christmas Retro 29.11.2015. Bálna    
73. Christmas Retro 06.12.2015. Bálna    
74. Christmas Retro 13.12.2015. Bálna    
75. Christmas Retro 20.12.2015. Bálna    
76. Farsangi Retro 07.02.2016. Bálna    
77. Farsangi Retro 14.02.2016. Bálna    
78. Farsangi Retro 21.02.2016 álna    
79. Börze, Börze, Lemezbörze. 06.03.2016. Körlet    
80. Börze, Börze, Lemezbörze. 08.05.2016 Körlet    
81. Börze, Börze, Lemezbörze. 02.10.2016 Körlet    
82. Nemzetközi Lemezbörze 09.10.2016 Bálna    
83. Retro Christmas 26.11.2016. Bálna    
84. Nemzetközi Lemezbörze 04.12.2016. Bálna    
85. Farsangi Bálna Retro 04.02.1017. Bálna    
86. Farsangi Bálna Retro 11.02.1017. Bálna    
87. Farsangi Bálna Retro 18.02.1017. Bálna    
88. Húsvéti Retro 01.04.2017. Bálna    
89. Húsvéti Retro 08.04.2017. Bálna    
90. Christmas Retro 26.11.2017. Bálna    
91. Christmas Retro 03.12.2017. Bálna    
92. Christmas Retro 10.12.2017. Bálna